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About Us

"Our school is a very close community and together we make it a great place to grow. " Emily Asencio, Class of 2022
Career Academy is an innovative Big Picture Learning high school for scholars who want to learn through projects and internships. Scholars develop competencies through pursuing projects of their own design. They intern in the community twice a week. They present their learning in Exhibitions to their family, advisor, and mentor.

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Competency-Based Learning

  • Personalized Learning. Every scholar will create their own learning path.
  • Progress determined through mastery of designed competencies.
  • Learning is not time, place or pace dependent.
  • Scholars' prove mastery of competencies through presentation of learning.
  • Learning opportunities occur in and outside the school walls and hours.
  • Graduation based on meeting all competencies at a designated level, not course taken and number of credits. Learn more
  • Target interventions designed to meet the specific learning needs of each scholar.

Career Academy Vision and Values

What do you want to learn and how do you want to learn it? Explore the world, your interests and your future. Build it here.

Personalized, Supportive Learning

Scholars explore their passions and interests through projects of their own design. Advisors work alongside scholars to create a personalized learning plan and co-define success.

Scholar Driven

Scholars are empowered to influence change at Truman. Scholars create a learning environment that reflects their needs. Scholar voice impacts decision making.

Real World Experience

Through internships, leaving to learns, and real-world projects, our graduates thrive as active contributors in their communities. Our scholars are always learning. From the workplace to family life, we encourage scholars to continue developing the skills that most impact their daily lives.

Small Caring Community

Scholars are safe to embrace challenges, take risks and explore their individual identities as part of an accepting community. Students remain in a cohort for the duration of their high school experience at Truman, where they contribute to and support each others' learning.